Eldon James Corporation

Founded in 1987, Eldon James manufactures a wide range of standard and custom hose fittings, including AdaptersCouplersElbowsLuersBulkheads, and a myriad of specialized connector configurations. In 2007 we started manufacturing extruded plastic tubing, medical-grade tubing, and formed tubing. Our PVC-free tubing and connectors serve a broad spectrum of domestic and international market sectors such as transportation, automotive, medical device, water purification, and industrial. EJ BioMed’s cleanroom facility focuses on manufacturing products designed for the life sciences, bioprocess, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and similar critical-use applications.

Fort Collins, CO


We employ the best and brightest people and empower them with cutting-edge equipment, tools, and processes that result in world-class products sought after by a global market.


Eldon James is an innovative, world-class manufacturer that is a global supplier of proprietary, customized connection solutions and tubing to various industries.


We embrace our values to provide customers with exceptional service and products. We are committed to continuously researching, improving, and utilizing strategies to maintain our global competitiveness. We have dedicated ourselves to supporting community improvement, education, and environmental stewardship.