Luer connectors are a common choice in medical and pharmaceutical industries for limited use or disposable applications where a shutoff valve is not required. The Luer taper is a standardized system of small-scale fluid fittings used for making leak-free connections between a male-taper fitting and its mating female part on medical and laboratory instruments, including hypodermic syringe tips and needles or stopcocks and needles.

We offer a selection of male Luer and female Luer fittings and connectors, lock and rotating Luer adapters, and other Luer accessories. Our luers have been tested for dimensional and performance requirements according to ISO 594-1 and 594-2 standards.


Eldon James specializes in biomedical single-use component manufacturing, with a wide variety of PVC-free medical grade tubing, fittings, assemblies and more.

Our luers, like many of our medical components, are produced in a state-of-the-art cleanroom facility with monitored production and quality control areas.

The benefits of PVC-free materials are well documented, and the production of all Eldon James products is not only efficient but also safe and healthy for the environment.

Whether you’re looking for a rotating Luer plug, a winged Luer, or male/female Luer adapters, Eldon James has what you need. Great for use with our medical tubing line. Our luers are made from PVC/DEHP-free safe, natural materials that put quality and the environment first.

Contact us for custom orders and equip your office with our revolutionary PVC-free Luer fittings today.