Eldon James operates a 15,000 square foot, ISO Class 7 certified cleanroom that focuses on the manufacturing of safe, efficient, PVC-free products designed for the life sciences, bioprocess, biomedical, pharmaceutical and similar critical-use applications.

Our state-of-the-art cleanroom features articulate monitored production and quality control areas. Our products are double bagged and sealed within the clean environment to provide an output that is package-ready for safe bioprocess and medical applications.

Responding to the medical industry’s growing concerns over the health issues associated with PVC and their demand for alternatives in tubing applications where flexibility is required, Eldon James has developed TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) tubing that has proven to be an excellent alternative to PVC.

The properties of TPE include high flexibility, extremely low permeability, and 100 percent organic emissions when incinerated, which makes it ideal for IV gas sample lines and other medical applications.

Eldon James is one of the only manufacturers in the United States that develops, assembles and packages PVC-free tubing and fittings in a single clean room environment.

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We feature medical and pharmaceutical products made from materials that are:

  • Animal Derivative Free
  • USP Class VI compliant
  • ISO 10993-4 compliant
  • ISO10993-5 compliant
  • Autoclavable
  • BPA Free