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New Facility: Increased Manufacturing & Cleanroom Availability


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We are excited to announce the official opening of our new headquarters and state-of-the art manufacturing facility located at 3486 Precision Drive · Fort Collins, CO 80528. Due to increased customer demand for our “QC” cleanroom manufactured products, this 106,000 square foot facility includes 41,000 square feet of Class VII Cleanroom manufacturing space. Our new headquarters officially opens on October 17, 2022.

In addition to the above, we are happy to announce that Eldon James has expanded SeriesLock® Quick Disconnect manufacturing space to an adjacent building. This facility, located at 3420 Precision Drive · Fort Collins CO 80528, is 92,500 square feet and includes 6,000 square feet of Class VII cleanroom manufacturing space. This site has been designated as the SeriesLock® by Eldon James Facility.

Along with our Denver site, the addition of these two facilities will combine to a total footprint of 278,000 square foot of World-Class Manufacturing and 62,000 square feet of premium Class VII cleanroom manufacturing.

Eldon James will produce parts currently manufactured in Denver in both new facilities, tooling will be transferred as needed based on capacity and scheduling needs. This is strictly a change/addition in manufacturing locations. No manufacturing protocols, procedures, manufacturing processes, traceability, specifications, materials of construction, materials used, specification, criteria, dimensions, molds/tooling, packaging, labels, containers, or catalog numbers will be changed as part of this expansion. There will be no change to fit, form, or function of affected parts.

Current Inventory is being transferred from Denver to our new Headquarters. These parts will be stored in our new Kardex automated vertical storage system. Orders will begin to ship from the new location in October.

Invoices and documented communications from Eldon James will be updated to reflect our new Headquarters address.

Your business is important to us, and we are investing in the future to ensure success and growth of your company too.

If you have any questions regarding this change notice, please contact your Eldon James sales representative at (970) 667-2728 or


Micah Newcomb
Director of Quality

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